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Site Guard

Protecting Your Website

  • Monitors your website daily for malware.

  • It catches the latest malwares.

  • The service identifies suspicious activities and notifies you by email.

What does it do

  • Your site is monitoried daily giving you a peace of mind

  • Notifies you of the threat, giving you time to react.

  • Thus, protects your site's reputation.

How it Benefits You

  • It does not require any installation of software, saving you time and money.

  • we just turn it on as a service for you.

  • It costs only £3.00 per month per domain

Installation & Cost

SSL Certificates

Protecting Your Website

  • An SSL certificate creates an encrypted connection between the browser (e.g. Firefox) and the web server hosting your website.

  • A secure session is established via a “handshake” process, and it occurs behind the scenes.

  • All the information (credit card, password, address etc) exchanged between the customer and you are encrypted; thus, protected from cyber criminals.

What does it do

  • If you plan to accept major credit cards online, you will most certainly require an SSL certificate generated by a reputable third party.

  • The certificate sign displayed with the logo gives your customer confidence and builds trust.

  • All major websites now use SSL certitficate. Without a valid SSL certificate installed, Google will flag it as insecure.

How it Benefits You

  • We will generate the appropriate certificate for you. For commerical websites, they will need to acquire the certificates from a reputable third party such as DigiCert or Symantec.

  • Then we will install this on the web server.

  • Once installed, your website will display the padlock symbol on the url bar. The web url will start with "https" instead of "http".